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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Catering Agreement

 Banquet Event Orders 

Upon review of your Event requirements, Banquet Event Orders (BEO) will be sent to you to confirm all the final arrangements and prices. These BEO’s will serve as part of this agreement. If you do not advise us of any changes on the BEO by the date requested by the hotel, you agree that the BEO will be accepted by you as correct and you will be billed accordingly.

Guarantee Policy

Ten (10) business days prior to all food functions, the Hotel requires the customer to submit an expected number of guests for each scheduled event. The expected number of guests cannot be reduced by more than 10% at the time the Hotel receives the guaranteed number of guests. The guaranteed number of guests for all food functions must be submitted to the Catering Department by Noon, three (3) business days prior to the event date. The guarantee cannot be reduced after this time. If no guarantee is received, the expected number of guests will be the basis for billing purposes. Group will be charged the guaranteed attendance, or the number of guests served, whichever is greater. The guarantee becomes the minimum number of guests used in calculating the amount to be charged and the maximum number for food preparation. On plated Food and Beverage functions, the Hotel will set seating for 3% over the guarantee.


6.5% Sales Tax is in effect. All federal, state and municipal taxes which may be imposed or be applicable to this agreement and to the services rendered by the Hotel are in addition to the prices herein agreed upon, and the patron agrees to pay for them separately.


14.75% (or the current gratuity percentage in effect on the day of the Event) of the food and beverage total, plus any applicable state and/or local taxes, will be added to your account as a gratuity and fully distributed to servers, and where applicable, bussers and/or bartenders assigned to the Event.

Service Charge

10.25% (or the current service charge percentage in effect on the day of the Event) of the food and beverage total, plus any applicable state and/or local taxes, will be added to your account as a service charge. This service charge is not a gratuity and is the property of the Hotel to cover discretionary costs of the Event.


All Catered Events with less than 25 guests in attendance are subject to a $250.00 taxable service charge.

Pop-Up Fees

The hotel reserves the right to add a $75.00 taxable service charge to all "pop-up" requests. A "pop-up" is classified as an event that is requested for the hotel to provide services within 3 business days of the actual event. In addition, any food additions within 72 hours are subject to a 25% surcharge.

Food and Beverage

No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the Hotel by the patron or any of the patron's guests or invitees. The hotel is the only licensed authority to sell and serve liquor for consumption on the premises. Florida Law requires persons to be a minimum of 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages. The hotel reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone.

Buffet Stations

Food preparation for Banquet Buffets and Stations are based on (1) serving per person. The minimum number of people required for a menu, as well as the maximum amount of time for service is outlined in our Catering Menus. Food can be refreshed for an additional extension on this time limit at an additional cost per person.


Patrons agree to be responsible and reimburse the Hotel for any damage done by patron or patron's guests to the Hotel.

Electrical Items/Power

All power needed for entertainment, décor, etc. will be billed to the Contact’s Master Account. Each meeting room is equipped with (1) 20 amp of power, any additional needs must be ordered in advance at prevailing rates.

Lost and Found

The Hotel does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or article left in the Hotel prior to, during, or following your function.

Signs and Banners

The Hotel has the following policy with respect to signs in the banquet and meeting areas: the Hotel reserves the right to approve all signage. All signs must be professionally printed. No signs are allowed on the guest room levels, elevators and main lobby areas of the Hotel or building exterior. Printed signs outside functions rooms should be free standing or on an easel.

Outdoor Functions

The Hotel reserves the right to make the decision to move any outdoor function to the indoor backup space if the following conditions exist: wind gusts in excess of 20 mph, temperatures below 60 degrees, and/or 30% or higher chance of precipitation in the area. You will be advised of all options for your function a minimum of six (6) hours in advance of the event. The Hotel's decision is final. All outdoor catered events will be assessed an $8 per person set up fee. All pool events will be assessed an additional $1,500 service charge, over and above the $8 per person set up fee. All entertainment for outdoor functions must end by 10:00pm.

Function Rooms

Function rooms are assigned by the Hotel according to the guaranteed lowest attendance number. Room rental fees are applicable if group attendance drops below the estimated attendance at the time of booking. The Hotel reserves the right to change groups to a room more suitable at the Hotel's discretion for the attendance, with notification, if attendance drops or increases. Room rental fees (subject to 25% service charge and 6.5% tax) are also applicable if meeting rooms are requested to be added to the program after contract signing

Room Arrangements

We will try to accommodate last minute requests for additions and changes to the best of our ability. In these circumstances, the hotel does incur additional labor costs that must be passed on to the customer. The following guidelines would apply to any addition within 72 hours or if there is a room set-up change once the room has already been set. For meeting/breakout rooms, there will be a $250.00 taxable service charge and for ballroom sections there will be a $500.00 taxable service charge. For events consisting of more than one ballroom section, please consult your Event Manager for a quote.

Outside Contractors

Should you elect to utilize outside contractors on Hotel premises during your event, you must notify us of your intentions at least thirty (30) days in advance of your Event. Your outside contractors must sign a hold harmless, indemnification and insurance agreement. Please refer to your Event Manager for details on the hotel’s exclusive providers, such as our electrical, rigging, security and outdoor tent providers.

Fire Safety & Fire Watch

For the safety of persons and property, no fireworks or incendiary devices may be used indoors at the hotel. All room sets must be in compliance with the local Fire Department regulations, including those pertaining to occupancy load, mandatory aisles, ceiling clearance and fire exits. An event that has vehicle displays, fog machines, fueled cooking demos, lasers, exhibits (including tabletop) or extensive productions with staging and props, must have a certified permit from the local Fire Department. Light use of water based haze is permitted with proper and advance approval; however it does requires a fire watch. Each fire watch will incur a $2,500 taxable fee.


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